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         BUTTEVANT A.D. 1826
       This church is situated in the very scenic spot down an avenue Just off the Main Road at the Southern end of Buttevant's main street, on the Banks of the Awbeg River, quite close to Buttevant Castle. The Church is a handsome structure In the later English style with a square embattled tower, surmounted by a finely proportioned spire. It is situated near the river and within the Castle Demense, and was built in 1826 near the site of the ancient church of which there are still some remains. And on the site of another of more recent date. The late board of First Fruits granted a loan of £1,600 for Its erection. In the cemetery attached are the remains of two older churches, one dedicated to St. Brigid and the other to the
Virgin Mary. A few solid blocks of masonry are all that remains of those two churches. Buttevant formerly seemed to
be an assemblage of churches and religious houses, but all those have long since gone to ruin. In St. John's Church Buttevant, there is a gallery which was built around 1840. Owing to some serious misunderstanding between Rev. H. Somerville. Rector of Doneraile, and some of his parishioners it was decided by Viscount Doneraile, Rev. F.W. Crofts of Clogheen and James Grove. While of Kilbyrne to build at their own expense a gallery in Buttevant Church with three pews and private staircase. This was duly carried out. The pew at the head of the staircase was occupied by Lord Doneraile, the next one became the White of Kilbyrne Pew, and the end one that of Rev. F.W. Crofts. There were fireplaces in the Doneraile and Kilbyrne Pews. In the Chancel of St. John's Church Buttevant, there is a stained glass window with three lights with a likeness of St. John after which the church is named. The window was erected by general subscription at the suggestion of the then rector Rev. Lovell Robinson.
Mural Tablets in Church
       On the northern wall of the church is a handsome slab of grey marble with the following inscription: Sacred to the
memory of Rev. Thomas Walker. Vicar of this parish who died on January 5, 1831, aged 33 years. This tablet was erected by the parishioners to record their united testimony of his worth as faithful and zealous pastor. On the Southern wall is a square with a border of black marble round it with the following inscription: Sacred to the memory of John Hood Woolsey Lieut. R.N. eldest son of admiral William Woolsey of Rostrevor Co. Down who died on June 13, 1827. and whose body lies interred in the adjoining cemetery. On the Southern wall is a large brass with an ornamental border and on top some armorial bearings. To the glory of God and in memory of lan Grove-White Captain 16th Bengal Lancers and adjutantto the bodyguard, of His Excellency the Viceroy of India. Late of Kilbyrne who died at Kursiang Himalayas March 20 1900 aged 30 years, and on the South wall another marble plaque to the glory of God and In memory of Harmer Devereux Spratt Lieut 23rd Imperial Yeomanry killed in action in the Boer War on June 3, 1902. In 1885 a Lectern was presented to St. John's Church by the Rector Rev. Dr. W.H. Cottery LLD. and Miss Norcott of Springfield. A carved oak pulpit was presented by Mr. W.R. Oliver of Buttevant Flour Mills in 1899. A brass altar rails was presented by Miss Browne of Springfield and the church was re-seated In red pine by Mr. J.J. Sikes of Elmvale near Twopothouse.