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       Near Buttevant Abbey stands another ruin which is said to have been a nunnery dedicated to St. John or Owen. This must have been the old mass-house which was situated on the South-East corner of the convent grounds. A portion of the wall can still be traced. It is now built Into the surrounding wall of the convent grounds. This wall is opposite the entrance gates to Buttevant Castle. Traces of a window can still be seen in the wall. The site of the church is enclosed by a wall on top of which is an iron railing. This enclosure is used as a burial place for the nuns. This nunery would have been disestablished In 1540, but there are no records of its lands. As usual, the thatched chapel is located in an inconspicuous place, where the ground slopes to the Awbeg. A memorial tablet has been inserted on the remaining south wall of the old thatched chapel. It reads "On the adjoining site stood the old thatched chapel of Buttevant and beneath are deposited the remains of the Rev. James Roche, P.P. 1779-1807 which were laid at the gospel side of the altar without headstone or Inscription. Hereon are likewise commemorated the names of the Rev. John O'Kane, O.S.F., martyred at Limerick, 1622; Rev. Boetius MacEgan, Guardian 1642, martyred Bishop of Ross at Carrigdrohid 1650; Rev. Redmond Barry, 1704; Rev. Francis Donegan, P.P. 1758-1779; Rev. Father Kingston, 1774; their resting places are unknown. Pray for their souls and the souls of the priests and people who worshiped in this lowly temple during the dark penal days. R.I.P. In their memory Fr. C.B. has erected and J.E. Davis has Inscribed this tablet May 23rd. In the year of Our Lord, 1898."