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Knockanare Well:
       Knockanare Well is situated on the left bank of the Awbeg river, about a half-mile east of Buttevant, S.E. of the
Ballyhoura mountains. On the mountains Flonn Mac Cumhail and his men spent many- a day hunting wild animals. One day one of Fionn's men strayed from his companies and compelled to seek the local hospitability. He was entertained by a local chieftain and fell in love with his daughter. He asked her hand in marriage but was refused. The two lovers agreed to elope. The Chieftain hearing of this was very angry and called his soldiers together. The young warrior, to prove his worth, met them at Ballyhoura, where, after fighting heroicly, he was seriously wounded. On the advice of the people in the neighbourhood he bathed himself in Knockanare well and was instantly cured. The well is now covered up with all kinds of bushes etc. other stories are also recited about this well. The water from it will not boil. Two trout are seen in it at certain times of the year. Another story is told about golden gates which are supposed to be hidden at Knockanare. Fierce fighting took place here at one time. During the battle the wounded Irish were taken to Knockanare well and were instantly cured. An English general being told of the miracles refused to believe in them. However, his son was wounded and was taken by some of the Irish soldiers to the well where he was cured. Tradition has it that the father erected golden gates near the well because of the great joy at the sudden recovery of his son. The gates were taken down some years later and hidden in the locality. Many attempts have been made to get them.