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Buttevant has recently been accepted as an official member of the Walled Town Network byBallybeg Abbey the Heritage Council of Ireland. There are only twenty-two towns in the island of Ireland who are members of the Walled Town network. We have arrived at this status through three years of concentrated work in promoting our town's medieval origins through summer Medieval Festivals, Country Markets and Pub Quizzes. To progress to this status we have also undertaken two professional studies of our archaeology/architecture/ecology. The first study was undertaken for us by Tobair Buttevant FriaryArchaeology Services. The findings from this study proved that the concentration of medieval heritage in Buttevant had the potential to develop as a tourist product. 
The second study, undertaken for us by Eamonn Cotter, Consulting Archaeologist, gave us the physical evidence of existing medieval walls. The provenance for medieval mural development was already available through the Pipe Roll of Cloyne. Eamonn, not only found wails with medieval fabric in a number of areas of the town, he was also able to suggest the most likely line of the walls which surrounded our town since 1317AD and location of the North and South Gate. This work lead to our membership of the WTN. 

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