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Buttevant Bridge: 
                                                                  The old bridge over the Awbeg River in Buttevant is a curiosity (Blake's Bridge).
Many years ago it was widened, but not
too much. It now presents two different
faces. The arches at the south side are
pointed, those on the north, being the
more modem additives are round. The
original breath was about one-third of the present.The masonry is antique in character
and similar to the Franciscan Abbey, a short
distance away. 

Archaeologist Note  

The bridge was built  in two phases with the southern, downriver side being the earliest and reckoned to date to the thirteenth century (Power 2000, 636). The earlier section is describes as having four pointed segmental arches, with roughly cut limestone voussoirs. O’Keeffee and Simmington in their study of Irish stone bridges regard it as being of thirteenth century date and therefore ‘a landmark bridge in the national context’ (quoted in Power, op. cit.).  Eamonn Cotter ma,miai, Consulting Archaeologist